3D Studio Max to RENDERLights

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What is RenderLights Plug-in for 3DSMax?

RenderLights plug-in for 3DSMax is a tool simplifying the use of RenderLights with Autodesk 3DSMax.

It can be freely downloaded from RenderLights’ website.

The plug-in creates a “click’n’go”-button into the top bar of 3DSMax, which opens the current scene directly in RenderLights.

In order to be able to use RenderLights plug-in for 3DSMax both RenderLights and 3DSMax have to be installed.

Installing RenderLights Plugin for 3DSMax

Open 3DSMax

Open the folder that contains the installation file of RenderLights plug-in for 3DSMax


Drag-and-drop the file RLPluginInstaller.mzp onto the 3DSMax window.

Locate the RLPower.exe in the application folder of RenderLights. RLPower.exe is usually located in either of the following folders:

C:\3D Render\RENDERLights\bin\x64

C:\3D Render\RENDERLights\bin\win32

Click install

Now you should have a RenderLights Click’n’Go top bar in your 3DSMax

Uninstalling RenderLights Plugin for 3DSMax

Click “Settings” next to the “Click’n’Go”-button

Click “Uninstall” in the opening window.