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Trimble 3D Warehouse  

Select 3DWarehouse from the File menu, to open a 3D Warehouse database.

Here you can search for many 3D models that you may wish to import to your scene.

Simply select the model you want, click download model and is done.

The model has now been downloaded to your scene.

RENDERLights will ask you to define whether the model is to be inserted or opened as a new scene. If inserted the model then will be automatically

placed as a dynamic object or set of objects if you wish to group the objects for easy translation, use the merge objects to collapse them in to one object.

3D warehouse objects are imported as a single dynamic object, they inherit the name of the file that is downloaded from 3D Warehouse.

The models downloaded from 3d warehouse are save withing the project folder.

For best results you can use KMZ files from 3DWarehouse, the quality is much better since Sketchup tends to flip faces in wrong direction, while KMZ and Collada works well in most cases.

Click the object and open the download dropdown menu to see file options.