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Creating Animation

To create an animation for the project you need to select  Animation/Add animation or

right-click animation option from Explorer Tree and then click Create animation from pop-up menu.

You can create as many animations as you want.

On full screen mode you can cycle through your animations by using the CRTL-Numbers from 1 to 10, if you have more than one animation, they

will be automatically placed to those locations.

You can also browse/cycle through animations using CRTL-Arrow keys, up or down to select the desired animation, press then space bar to activate.



Name: Name of currently selected animation.

Loop: Constantly repeats selected animation if enabled.

Keyframe settings

To add a keyframe right click the animation title on explorer tree, or use the top menu on the keyframe option, once

the first keyframe is created you can press F5 to add  subsecuent keyframes, after moving the next wanted location on the viewport.

Repeat the process navigating the camera to create a camera path for your animation.

The duration between keyframes can be adjusted in the animation settings.

Name: Name of currently selected keyframe.

Duration (s): Duration of currently selected keyframe

Spline: Makes animation track smooth when enabled (Akima interpolation). Uncheck this to use linear movement from camera

Text overlay: Use this option to add static floating text for keyframes individually.

(Text overlay fades in and out for couple of seconds.)

Center: Adjust the Text location on screen

Size: Adjust the Text size.

Color:Adjust the Text Color.

Capture animation sequence

To render the animation you need to select Animation/Animation/Capture or right-click the animation you want to capture from Explorer Tree and choose Capture animation from pop-up menu.

Select a folder where to save the frame sequence, choose the frame rate you want to use (Note :Europe uses PAL system at 25frames/sec and US uses NTSC system at 30 frames /sec)

Compile the frame sequence after that with your video editing program of your choice.  (For example: VirtualDub/ SonyVegas/ After Effects /Premier, etc)


Animation Shortcuts

F5 to set a keyframe

F4 to create a keyframe before the current

F6 after the current press

CTRL+F5 to replace a keyframe

Animations are assigned automatically to the keyboard numbers from 1 to 0. Pressing CTRL + defined number selects desired animation. Spacebar activates or pauses the animation.

Double click a keyframe to open the keyframe properties.


Text overlay can be placed and resized anywhere in the screen, colors can be adjusted with the RGB option. Fade in and fade out is automatic for the text overlay.

Text overlay works on a per frame basis. Use image overlay if you need static text throughout the whole presentation, like logos or animated videos.