Archicad to RENDERLights

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Archicad to RENDERLights

RENDERLights Import from Archicad using Click N´Go

Importing models from Archicad is easy using Archiframe Addon

Installing Archiframe

Download Archiframe Trial version here

Windows Installation

The installer installs the add-on to all supported and user-selected ArchiCAD-versions. The library is

installed as default into folder C:\ArchiFrame\lib.

Next to the lib-folder is data-folder that contains main ArchiFrame settings including Excel template and

cnc-file producer. Changes should not be done directly to this folder. Instead the data folder should be

copied and renamed for changes.

All ArchiCAD-versions share the same library and data-folder.

The installer does not include uninstall. ArchiFrame is removed manually by deleting:

Library folder, default C:\ArchiFrame

Add-on under ArchiCAD installation folders, for example C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ArchiCAD 19

After installation ArchiFrame is found from Options-menu. Inside ArchiLogs the tools are in menu ArchiLogs

/ Joints.

Mac Installation

The zip-package has the following structure:

ArchiFrameXxAddOn, the add-on for specific ArchiCAD-version


o Data, all configuration files (described in the following section)

o ArchiFrameLibEng, English library

o ArchiFrameLibFin, Finnish library

o Samples, sample projects

The add-on is copied into the corresponding ArchiCAD Add-Ons folder (for example,

Programs/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD XXX/Add-Ons).

The recommended location for the ArchiFrame-folder is on the desktop. This means that the ArchiFramelibrary folder

(ArchiFrameLibEng), must be added to every project where it is needed. It is also possible to

place the library under ArchiCAD-libraries so it is always loaded.

ArchiFrame will find the Data-folder from the default location (Desktop/ArchiFrame/Data). If using a different

location, the folder must be selected from the settings:

The samples contain PC-library references which in Mac this leads to missing libraries – please edit the

library list to have ArchiFrame-library properly loaded

Working with Archiframe/RENDERlights Addon

After installing Archiframe you can find the addon activation menu here:

Archiframe Pet palette will pop up

Before utilizing RENDERLights Click N Go button, is important to double check the Units of the project and set this values under preferences.

The exporter to RENDERLights utilizes  Collada Format (*.DAE), file is automatically saved under the same folder of the project.

If the project is created in Millimeters, the models will be exported 100 times smaller,  please set the unit length to 100 and check the box (Force Units)

After setting this please close RENDERLights and return to Archicad

In Archicad you have two options for exporting.

First  Click N´Go, with this feature you will be able to bring any model inside RENDERLights with a single click.

You can also export to single (*.DAE) files by presing first Shift Key and the RENDERLights Button.

Once the model is imported, you can see the model with automatic Sunlight and Environment, you can change the sky background under Environment menu.

You can navigate on the scene via mouse and Keyboard or using a Logitech Joystick,  press letter H under Keyboard to bring the Help forward, best viewed on Fullscreen (F11)

Archicad materials often have reflection levels that can look a bit odd, please change the color of the reflection to Black to remove the wrong visual effect.