Bake to texture

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Baking to textures

RENDERLights offers you 3 different ways to bake illumination in to your scene, Lightmaps, Ambient Lights and Light detail maps (LDM).

They are all a form of indirect illumination, however Ambient Lights and Light detail maps (LDM) are interactive with direct Illumination,

meaning that new lights can be added and shadows are casted, unlike Lightmaps which have incorporated all this elements on a fix mode to the texture.

Baking in practice

Optimize model: Reducing the amount of objects is recommended, merging the objects or splitting them by textures from you cad program is a good idea.

                             Select all the objects you want to merge in the Explorer Tree, right click on any of them and select Merge objects.

Unwrapping :    Now all of the separate objects have become one object and we can unwrap the model.

                          Right click on the model and select Build unwrap, this option unwraps the model.

Bake Materials to objects:  Choose the mode you like to work with, every mode serve different purpose.

Unwrapped model will look like this, use (inspect unwrap) on context menu to see the unwrapped model.

Remember that every time the lighting in the scene changes, the model needs to be baked again to get the new effect.