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Here you can assign a color to the diffuse channel on your 3D object. Use the value spinner to change the intensity of the color.

UV mapping needs ID values you can assign different values if needed. UV ID is normally selected on you 3d program UV mapping settings.

Textures can also be apply, most common bitmaps will work, assuming that you have UV mapped your model on your respective

3d modeling program (3d studio max, Sketchup, Maya, Etc)

Diffuse: A place for color or a texture what defines a surface's main shader

Color: Shows the set color or average color of set texture.

UV: Information about materials UV channel which associates a map with an object's mapping coordinates.

Different UV channels can have different U and V tiling values, Please set the UV tiling on your desired Cad software, alternative to that you

can use our Mapping tool by right click the selected object.

Texture or video: Place for texture or video-file. RENDERLights is able to use live video as texture: Type c@pture to use it.