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RENDERLights supports e.g. the following features:

Real Time Global Illumination

Global illumination is a general name for a group of algorithms used in 3D computer graphics

that are meant to add more realistic lighting to 3D scenes.

Such algorithms take into account not only the light which comes directly from a light source

(direct illumination), but also subsequent cases in which light rays from the same source are

reflected by other surfaces in the scene, whether reflective or not (indirect illumination).

What makes the RENDERLights rendering engine unique is the algorithm, that calculates a

high quality, real time global illumination.

This allows the user to adjust lighting conditions and seeing the result in real time.

Real time environments

You can change the sky of you scene and other environmental properties in no time in RENDERLights.

The sky and the environment affect the lighting and have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the scene.  

RENDERLights has a comprehensive set of skies included and, new skies or backdrops can freely be

imported using conventional 360 panorama (4X3) images ,or crossed cube maps.

Real time shadows

RENDERLights supports real time shadows casting, Shadows are fully dynamic on all objects of the scene.

You can adjust and modify the shadows in the light panel, every light has individual settings that can improve

the quality of the casted shadows.

Multiple light sources

RENDERLights itself sets no limitations on the number of lights in a scene.

This makes it possible to create even more realistic look in real time, the only

limitation is the power of your video card system.

The multiple light sources are especially useful in interior scenes,

where the real situation of the lighting design can be followed.

Real time reflection maps

RENDERLights supports real time reflection maps. Real time reflections maps enable rendering

of more realistic looking reflective surfaces such as glass. The reflection is created by calculating a

reflection cube map in real time.

The reflective objects will generate a cube map based on its immediate surroundings, for a more

accurate result, reflective object should not be welded or attached to each other.

Notice that the more reflective objects you have the more power the computer will require, plan

carefully what surfaces require reflection, this is important if you use computers older than 2009.

Real Time water simulation

You can add water  to your scene very easily in RENDERLights.

The water automatically reflects the environment and the objects of the scene.

The color of the water can also be changed according to the natural water color in the region in question –

whether it was the bright turquoise of the Caribbean or dark deep blue of the North Atlantic.

Tone Mapping and Automatic Light Adjustment

The human eye automatically adjusts to the changes in the intensity of light in the environment.  

Automatic light adjustment does exactly the same, making the RENDERLights scenes even more appealing.

Tone mapping makes it possible to render high dynamic range lighting even though the conventional screens

only support a very limited dynamic range.

Advanced Sun Light

RENDERLights is equipped with a sophisticated sunlight system with the following features:

   Sun Geo-location system

   Sun lens flare

   Bloom effect

Import 50 Different 3D File Formats

You can import up to 50 different 3D file formats with just one click.

RENDERLights also supports Trimble 3DWarehouse, where you can download thousands of free 3D models – fast and easy.

RENDERLights support BIM formats like IFC, FBX and SKP2016, more formats will be added as the demand increases.

External Reference Files

In addition to importing files from multiple sources, RENDERLights supports file XREFFING

With XREF, you can attach multiple models into one project, to help you to keep your work more organized and easy to modify

the different models separately.

XREF files can be turned on or off in the explorer tree context menu, you can use reload to get the new version of your model if

you have done any changes.

Modified textures of an XREF model will be reverted to the original if you reload the model, if you want to preserve you setups,

you will need to bind the models or export them as *.rr3 extension, after that you need to import the *.rr3 file again into the project.

Material editor

Materials can be edited easily in RENDERLights. The material editor allows changing all of the relevant material parameters.

RENDERLights supports e.g. the following features:

  Diffuse map

  Specular reflection

  Mirror reflection



  Bump and displacement mapping

64 bit and 32 bit support

RENDERLights is specifically designed and developed to work smoothly both with a 32 bit and with a 64 bit systems.

Full 64 bit support  enables a faster experience with higher quality.

Cutting Planes and 2D Exporter

Cutting planes can be used to cut any 3D objects to see inside them, or to generate a cross-section. Both vertical and horizontal cross-sections (e.g. floor plan) are supported. They can also be saved into a 2D image file easily.

Free cutting planes are available under Dynamic objects and can be easily animated using our standard animation process.

Video projection

Any Image or video can be projected from a light source.

This projected light affects the environment like any other light source in the scene.

Color bleeding and global illumination enable the user to construct  a realistic look like the one you often see on movie theaters or conference halls.

Projected textures or videos can be color tinted and the results are only a matter of the artist imagination, look is directly link to the users ability to create fantastic and believable environments.

Video Textures

RENDERLights supports video texture mapping making it possible to render such objects as televisions. Using emissive video textures makes the screens look even more realistic.

Publish your scenes

You can easily publish your scenes as a stand-alone exe-file using the pack-and-share -feature.

The presentation can then be sent to a client and viewed on any computer fulfilling the system requirements.

Emissive materials

With emissive materials you can create materials that emit light. Such elements are crucial

when creating a realistic looking lighting.

3D Stereoscopic Capabilities

RENDERLights one of a kind 3d stereoscopic system, allow you to display full 3d inmersive content

on your LG3D smart TV, RENDERLights support various types of 3d stereo modes like, side by

side picture, top and bottom and interlace stereo.

Video to texture

Renderlights video to texture, allows you to create interesting shaders based on animated content, in

addition to that you can use your webcam to either be place as a projector or be used as a texture

on real time, all what the camera captures will be displayed on real time in the 3d model.

Cartoonish look with countour lines visible.

Artistic sepia and and colorize mode.

360 Panorama rendering at high resolutions like HD/4K/8K