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RENDERLights   Installation instructions.

After purchased a license code has been sent you, the code looks something like this:  


Keep this code handy, you will needed for the installation, in future updates your computer will remember the code, therefore

you do not have to type it again, in any case is best you store the code on a safe place where you can find it at later time if needed.

If you have lost your code for some reason, we will send it back to you, just contact us at:


Download the installer using the link provide to you by our personnel, or from the automatic purchased system.

Save the file to a location easy for you to remember, or to your desktop, you will receive notification of new updates

periodically, therefore is not so important to save the installer, since it may change in the future, a good practice

is to have at least the last two versions saved, in case there is a bug and you need to reinstall an older version.

Proceed with the installation, double click your installer file called: “RLInstaller.exe”

Click next to continue.

I accept the terms? Of course you do, click next.

Choose for single user or all users on the selected computer and click next.

Choose your destination path and click next.  

Pack-N´share feature works best if RENDERLights is installed to the default path.

Note: Windows 8 and 10 may have some limitations if  RENDERLights is installed to the “C:/Programs Folder”

Create group folder in start menu and click next

Review your options and click next

Setup is complete, click finish to start RENDERLights


When opening  RENDERLights  for the first time you will see a help screen open, please take your time to get acquainted with the shortcuts and navigation.  

Use (F11) to jump to full screen.  Help screen can also be retrieved by pressing the (H key)

We hope you enjoy RENDERLights.

Best regards.

RENDERLights Development Team