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License Server  

Step by step

License code

A place where for your License code. After purchased a license code has been sent you, the code looks something like this:  (TKAA-WXAA-APAA-PJAE)

License type

Tells if the license type is Single or Floating.

Single license is for one user/work station.

Floating license can be used by several users on different work stations.

It depends on a floating license type, how many users there can be at the same time.  


Tells information about the license. When it is renewed, reserved and when it will expire. You are also able to see all active users of the license and the License owner.

Floating license operations

You are able to reserve your license to your own computer for certain amount of time. This is the way to use RENDERLights in a place where the Internet is not available. (e.g. trains, some meetings, airplanes) You are able to reserve the license from 6 hours to 30 days. If you want to release the reserved license before the reserved time is full, click Release now button.

NOTE: If you have only one floating license and you reserve it for your own meeting. The license will not be free for other users until the reserved time is full or you release the reserved license.

Work manually

!!Read the chapter about Offline Mode.!!

Update information

Tells if there is a new updated version of RENDERLights to be downloaded.