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What is light mapping?

A light map is a texture or group of textures that contains information about lighting in a 3-D scene. You can store the

lighting information in the alpha values of the light map, in the color values, or in both.

The picture on the left is a basic texture. The middle picture is the specular light map, and the right picture is the both

of them combined for the final product.

Lightmaps calculates all the light in the scene and bakes it in to a texture, then is automatically overlay on top of the

object material, to create the feeling of illumination. This sort of illumination is static, once the baking is on place you

can not modify it on real time, unless you bake it again with the new variations.

While testing is recommended to use smaller resolutions in order to get a quick result. Lightmaps as well as all the

other forms of baking in RENDERLights requires unwrapping.

If a model failed to unwrap, try to make it smaller. on your cad program you can separate objects on smaller components,

keep the count of objects small but don't weld  too many complex objects together, that could cause troubles at the time of

unwrapping, remember that unwrapp will split every face in to a 4X4 texture map, and every face will be lay out in the map.

Explorer tree / Static Objects / Bake Lightmaps

First you need Unwrapp in order to bake the objects

Bake the models according to your needs, trial an error is needed in order to get correct results.

Use smothing on baking settings to get softer bake results.