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New:  Start new project

Open: Open existing project from disk

Merge: Import parts of other project

Save: Save current project to disk

Save as: Save current project under a new name

Import: Add data from 3D scene file to current project

Xref: Add 3D scene file reference to current project

3DWarehouse: Replace current scene with scene from Google 3D Warehouse

Pack’n-share: Save current project into executable

Screenshot: Save screenshot to path defined in user Preferences

Exit: Exit RENDERLights


New:  Save current comment, create new one

Open: Load comments from disk

Save: Save comments to disk

Save as: Save comments to disk under new name

Email: Email comments

Note:  Comments are saved individually, comments are not saved with the project, you have to load the saved comments manually. Is a good

           practice if you give a descriptive name to your comments, that way they can be loaded according to your needs. For example ( Project name/Date/Revision)


Top: See scene from top

Bottom: See scene form bottom

Left: See scene from left

Right: See scene from right

Front: See scene from front

Back: See scene from back

Orthogonal: Change camera to orthogonal view

Perspective: Restore camera from slot 1

Size: Set viewport size ( Viewport size is important when you want to create the perfect size resolution for your animations)

Commonly used resolutions:

Internet (YouTube lo-res) 320x240

TV Resolution (VGA, YouTube) 640x480

HDTV 720p Resolution 1280x720

HDTV 1080i/1080p Resolution 1920x1080

Fullscreen: Toggle fullscreen


Morning: Set predefined environment

Midday: Set predefined environment

Dusk: Set predefined environment

Sunset: Set predefined environment

Night: Set predefined environment

Gradient: Set predefined environment

White: Set white environment

Black: Set black environment

Custom: Set custom environment from skybox, 360 degrees panorama, panoramic video.

(4000X2000 pixel size is recomended)


Spot: Add spotlight

Omni: Add Omni light

Sunlight: Toggle sunlight

Flashlight: Toggle flashlight


Animation: Actions related to selected animation        

Add:  Add new animation

Duplicate:  make a copy of selected animation

Play: Play selected animation from the beginning

Capture: Capture selected animation to image sequence

Pause: Pause animation

Continue: Continue paused animation

Add Frame to animation

Apply changes to all frames


Insert before current: Insert new keyframe before current keyframe        

Save into current: Save camera into current keyframe

Insert after current: Insert new keyframe after current keyframe

Add at the end: Add new keyframe to the end of animation

Play: Play animation from current keyframe

Capture: Capture animation from current keyframe

Apply changes to selected frames.


Explorer Tree: Scene tree window

Scene: Toggle project and scene window

Material: Toggle selected material window

Preferences: Toggle user preferences window (saved automatically, per user rather than per project)

Global illumination: Toggle global illumination window

Layout:  Change window layout

               Default: Change window layouts to defaults

               Close all: Close all panels


Keyboard Shortcuts: Toggle keyboard shortcuts help

Support: Open support page in web browser

Internet updates: Check for updates online

Store: Open store page in web browser

License: Open license window

Missing maps:  select folder containing missing textures.

About: Toggle about (credits)