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The model menu contains settings that allow for making adjustments to a selected object, such as:


Display the name of the object, if empty you can assign your own naming to the 3d mesh.


The dynamic tick box turns the dynamic function on or off. If it is turned on, the model can then be moved, scaled and rotated.


Shows the current location of the selected object in the scene (“World”).

The objects placement in the scene can be manipulated by either changing the values in Placement pane or grabbing the X,Y,Z arrows on the object and dragging them accordingly.

Note:  Options that are greyed out are not modifiable


Contains the real time diffuse and specular data on the object.


The mesh shows the amount of different aspects of the model, such as the amount of triangles, vertices, UV channels and its size etc.


The materials section in Model, shows how many different materials the object is using.

Objects welded together will contain multiple materials, use this option to select meshes within a mesh.

Alternative to that you can merge or split object by material.