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Keyboard shortcuts  

You can use arrow keys to move back and forth, right and left. Or you can use “W”,”A”,”S”,”D” on the keyboard.

Use Pgup and Pgdn or Q and Z to control up and down displacement.

Right click and hold the mouse button to change the camera direction/"move your head".

Use the wheel mouse + CTRL to change the field of view.

Camera banking can be controlled by pressing X or C.

You can also use game controllers to move around the scene.


Is a good practice to save camera position the first time you import a model to a new scene,

You can do that by first select the desired view and then saving it to a selected keyboard position.  

Use Alt+Number to set the view (Example  ALT-1)  the you can simply call the position by pressing the number (1).

You can save up to 10 positions with this method.

New additions

gamepad look up/down inverted by default

gamepad look up/down depends on Fly mode

Support for Xbox and Logitech game pad Controllers

default movement speed reduced 80 -> 10 m/s

alt+ and alt- change rotation speed (for gamepad, x, c), speed is saved to rlproj

in gamepad+multicamera mode, reduce rotation speedup from 3x/4x to 1.5x/2x