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RENDERLights may not be able to reach the license server because of Firewall limitations. This is often due to company policies, most common on large corporations.

In order to make RENDERlights to work we will need to generate a license request file.

We will then process this file and send back the license response via email.


First install the software, this will ask you to input the authorization code. If the server is not reachable you will see the license manager to look like the image below.

           At this point it means that either you don’t have internet connection, or your firewall has block the access to our server.

Mark the check box to work manually.

Next step will be to press reserve for this computer, select the desired amount of time to be used (30 days Max).

A dialog box will appear, requesting you to save a file called:(RLLicenseReq.txt).

save this file anywhere you like.

send it back to us via email.

We will then process the file and send you back a license response. The new file name is: (RLLicenseResp.txt)

Press the button labeled:

           (Open response file sent by product support)

            Dialog box will appear requesting the response license file: (RLLicenseResp.txt),

select the file and the program should start after that, it will be fully functional until the selected time expires.