Publishing Pack' n-share

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Publish and share your scenes

You can easily publish your scenes as a stand-alone application file using the Pack' n-share functionality

The packed presentation can then be sent to e.g. to a client and viewed on any computer that fulfills

the system requirements.

Pack' n-share let you run the compiled *.exe file without having RENDERLights software installed on a computer.

Packed presentation can run in 32 or 64 bits Windows only environments.

Pack’n-share files run by default in fullscreen, press F11 or double click an empty space on the scene tp go back to editor mode,

You can manipulate all features of renderlights just like on the real application but you cant save your changes.

In addition to pack n share you can also use Gather

Go to File/Gather to collect all of your resources to a new location or simply to share the project with you clients or colleagues.