Scene editing

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Scene editing  

Out of the box RENDERLights is an instant solution, assuming that you have created a good, smart and clean model,

if not RENDERLight clearly will show you the mistakes and double faces that are common mistakes when doing virtual

modeling, in a way seen your errors in real time will help you to correct them.

Import your model and walk inside, navigate explore, get familiar with your design. When you are acquainted with your

3d model on feel and scale, then you can let the fun begin. Is time to spice it up a little bit.

In RENDERLights you can change the environment, panorama skymaps, sun position, lighting and water effects,

you can easily populate you model with all of your 3d creations.

You can also adjust your materials, give a realistic look to your objects, create complex shaders like leather, wood,

concrete and all sort of metals and plastic like materials.

Add infinite amount of source lights from Direct sunlight to Spot and Omni sources, create projector lights to display all

sort of things on surfaces, from logos to videos and anything that your imagination can figure out.

RENDERLights can handle very complex operations, but keep in mind the power of your equipment, RENDERLights

uses game like technology, and just like other tools on the market it uses heavy processing based on GPU

(Graphical processing Unit, better known as Video Card) ,ergo the better your equipment the more efficient RENDERLIghts is.

Most computer nowadays are fully capable of complex simulations, so we hope you can achieve good results with RENDERLights.