Shortcuts and Navigation

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Shorcuts and Navigation

Press H on keyboard to activate on screen help, use fullscreen (F11) mode to see better the instructions.


           Press W A S D  or arrow keys to navigate.

           utilize G key to activate gravity force


          Use mouse left and right buttons to activate rotation,

          panning and head movement.


         Press (+,-) to increase or reduce speed.

         Press shift while moving forward to speed up 30%


          R T F L keys to set orthographic views.

          Press F2 to zoom extent or press F3 to zoom to object


          Press CRLT-F to preview current frame rate

Elevator & Banking


          Pgup and Pgdn will control up and

         down displacement, in addition to this you can use Q or Z.

         Camera banking can be controlled by pressing X or C

Camera views

          Press Alt + Numbers from 1 to 0 will save the view,

           then simply press any key number to retrieve the

           saved location.


           Press E to cycle between different times of a day.

           Custom skymaps can be placed trough the top menu.


         are assigned automatically to the keyboard numbers from 1 to 0, press

         CRLT+defined number to select the correct animation, use spacebar to

         activate the animation or to pause the animation.

         Press F10 to capture

         animations. Press Crtl-10 to start recording from current frame

         Press F5 to set a keyframe,

         F4 to create  a keyframe before the current

         F6 after the current,

        press Crlt-F5 to replace a keyframe


           Press Shift and drag dynamic object or lights to duplicate

           Press Shift+CRTL to make multiple duplicates

F1 = help

F8 = hide selected objects

Alt-F8 = unhide all objects

Ctrl-E = export selected


         Press H to get this page of instructions

         and CRTL-H to get helper information.


         Press F11 to maximize the 3d window area


          Press F9 to generate a screenshot.

          screenshots are saved to project folder by default


         By pressing the M key you will be able to measure distances

         between vertices, first select one vertice and then the other,

         the result will be displayed on viewport window.


         Press ALT-O to drop an omni light source.

         Press ALT-S to drop an spot light source,  

         Light sources follows the direction in which the camera is currently looking at.

         Press Alt-F to activate flashlight.

Oculus Rift

         Press O to activate, shift-f11 to cycle between the

         displays if available.

         Press O or Esc to leave Oculus mode.

HTC Vive

         Press V to activate, shift-f11 to cycle between the

         displays if available.

         Press V or Esc to leave HTC Vive mode.

Cave shortcuts

F7 to activate cave

Y to swap eyes on stereo mode

Alt-F7 switches to quadbufer stereo

Alt+ and Alt - change rotation speed (for gamepad, x, c), speed is saved to rlproj

In fullscreen mode, F12 opens panels from windowed mode