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Specular Reflection

Specular reflection is the mirror-like reflection of light  from a surface, in which light from a single incoming direction (a ray) is reflected into a single outgoing direction.

Specular reflection:  Use this option to select a color or a texture, this defines a surface's reflection value. Black is 0% and white is 100% reflective

color: Shows the set color or average color of set texture.

value: Overall intensity

UV: Information about materials UV channel which associates a map with an object's mapping coordinates.

Texture or video: Place for texture or video-file. RENDERLights is able to use live video as texture: Type c@pture to use it.

model: Sets the reflection type:

Phong: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phong_shading

Blinn-Phong: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blinn%E2%80%93Phong_shading_model

Torrance-Sparrow (Gaussian): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bidirectional_reflectance_distribution_function

Blinn-Torrance-Sparrow  http://www.realtimerendering.com/blog/ken-torrances-accomplishments/

Shininess: Sets the value of materials shininess.

An example of different types of reflection from left to right: Phong, Blinn-Phong, Torrace-Sparrow (Gaussian) and Blinn-Torrace-Sparrow.

Global reflection settings can be found from:

Settings/Global Illumination/ cubemaps and mirror reflections

From global reflection settings you are able adjust scenes overall settings:

Cubemao reflections: (Tick box): Turns on or off the reflections from whole scene.

Cube resolution: Defines the quality of reflections.

Specular threshold: Only objects with specular color above threshold apply for specular cube reflection, 0= all objects apply, 1= only objects with spec color 1 apply.

Depth threshold: Only objects with depth above threshold apply for specular cube reflection, 0= all objects apply, 0.1= all but near planar objects apply, 1= none apply.

Max objects: Defines the maximum number of objects to be reflected

Troubleshooting: Reflections are gone even though my Cubemap reflections are turned on and the resolution is set to maximum!!

Solution: Check your Max objects, Specular- and depth threshold values in the Global Illumination panel. In this case

Max objects were set to 1, so the reflections were turned off. Avoid too many objects to maintain the performance.