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Transparency: Sets materials transparent

color: Shows the set color or average color of set texture.

value: Overall intensity

uv: Information about materials UV channel which associates a map with an object's mapping coordinates. Different UV channels can have different U and V tiling values, different U and V offsets, and so on. UV-mapping should be

done before importing to RENDERLights.

texture or video: Place for texture or video-file. RENDERLights is able to use live video as texture: Type c@pture to use it.

1-bit:  Turns alpha textures to 1-bit mode (2 colors). If a color defines transparency instead of a texture, then alpha jumps to 100% when 1-bit is turned on.

in alpha: Reads alpha straight from the texture if applied (e.g. .png .tga .tif...)

Inverted, flips the alpha map colors.

Background   This mode makes any object invisible to rendering, but able to receive shadows. (Only works on Pathracing mode)

refraction index: Index of refraction when light hits surface from side.

An example of transparency. Left; dark sphere with 0% of transparency, middle; 20% transparent and left one is 90% transparent.

Global transparency settings can be found from:

Settings/Scene/Render materials