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Version 1.9

 !!What’s new on RENDERLights 1.9 !!

VERSION 1.9.20 PUBLISHED on 26 of August 2017

1.1 Importing and Exporting

Update FBX SDK 2011.3 to 2015.1

Update .skp reader 2016 to 2017 (but only in 64bit RL, 32bit RL is left at .skp version 2016)

Stop normalizing filenames in windows version, to avoid some problems with Unicode in filenames

Multiple xrefs can be added at once

"File/Export" exports also objects and lights from xrefs

"Context menu/Export"

Splits multimaterials when necessary (like File/Export)

Exports also lightmaps (like File/Export)

Viewport message prints "Exporting selected..."

Adapt 3d warehouse browser to changes on their website

Xref can be saved via context menu

Import dialog / [x] dynamic is checked by default

Supporting  *.skp files without texture filenames

1.2 HTC Vive and Oculus

HTC Vive and Oculus Support

Vive controller Support

Trigger moves forwards/backwards

Grip rotates left/right

Vive controller in 64bit works same in 32bit

Vive triggers work to move forward and backwards

Adding Vive controller elevator (32bit and 64bit RL versions)

Openvr devices use FOV 112

Updated openvr lib (3rd party component necessary for htc vive)

Test of Vive trackpads: they should move camera

       when VR device is not working, 'o' and 'v' toggle stereo

Alt-f7 switches to quadbufer stereo

Preferences / Stereo / Supersampling defaults to 2

Preferences / Stereo / [ ] manual FOV and IPD

(after checking, you can play with Camera/Eye separation and FOV. DK2 needs FOV vertical around 106, different HMDs need different FOV)

      FOV and IPD recommended by Oculus/Vive is written to log

'V' is like 'O', but configures RL for HTC Vive rather than Oculus Rift

When Oculus or Vive mode fails, render side by side (rather than mono)

1.3 Viewport and navigation

Default movement speed reduced 80 -> 10 m/s

Alt+ and alt- change rotation speed (for gamepad, x, c), speed is saved to rlproj

In gamepad+multicamera mode, reduce rotation speedup from 3x/4x to 1.5x/2x

Gamepad look up/down inverted by default

Gamepad look up/down depends on Fly mode

Recognize changed gamepad each time project is opened (rather than only once on RL startup)

Remap xbox one gamepad buttons to work like logitech (including analog triggers)

More accurate automatic near/far in multi-camera mode

Camera/Rotation speed

Default of max objects increased to 10000

Support Xbox 360 gamepad

FOV vertical does not change when resizing viewport

Removed FOV horizontal

Settings / Layout / Show panels - restores panels as they were before Close all

Show Layout/Show panels only when all panels are closed

Show Layout/Close all only when there are panels to close

In fullscreen mode, F12 opens panels from windowed mode

Second F12 in fullscreen hides panels

Ctrl-a select all enabled objects and lights

Ctrl-i select all enabled objects not selected before

F1 = help

F8 = hide selected objects

Alt-F8 = unhide all objects

Ctrl-e = export selected

Add Edit/Select all

Add Edit/Invert selection

Much faster marquee, ctrl-a, ctrl-i (tested with 25k objects)

Menu item Layout moved under Cave

Fix: setting/layout/close all

Fix: setting/layout/show panels

Fix: f12 show and hide panels on fullscreen

Fix: second F12 in fullscreen was not hiding panels

Fix: ESC in VR mode did not work

Fix: gamepad rotation in VR mode was moving camera in circles

Fix: viewpoint change sometimes needed multiple keypresses to overcome friction

Fixed controls xbox one gamepad

Fix: forward direction was not always horizontal in "lock horizon" mode

Fix: fast camera rotation was flipping direction in friction=0 mode

Removed context menu under *.rr3 filename, added "Normalize units", "Normalize up axis" to Edit     menu

F/T/B/L/R zooms to all when nothing is selected

Messages in viewport are red, not white

1.4 Cave Support

Cave support up to 6 projectors (only on VR Edition)

Cave can have up to 6 camera views configurable to extended desktop

Cave cameras can have translation and aspect ratio configurations

       Cave presets (Settings / Cave / Load,Save)

Adjust near clipping in cave (workaround station-clipping)

VR systems ([x], mode, coverage, scale, fov, warp filename, lock horizon) is not animated (so F7 works during animation playback)

F7 = toggle cave

Y = swap stereo eyes

1.5 Rendering and animation

Add one decimal place to "DOF/aperture diameter"

Red shift default changed to -1

"Camera/FOV horizontal" added

Default technique changed from precalculated to realtime

Animate lock horizon, camera movement speed, camera rotation speed

Add F10 popup to warn about animation rendering

Render extras/Icons in fullscreen added +VR systems/Supersampling is not animated

Animated xref visibility +VR edition added

Viewpoints have clickable icons (Scene/Render Extras/show icons on fullscreen)

Backport VR supersampling  (improves antialiasing quality)

Preferences/Enhanced render/Presets

Baking defaults changed to: smoothing=3,wrapping=on

Preferences sections "screenshots" and "animation capture" are saved to .rlproj rather than RL.prefs

Fix: videos did not play

Fix: c@pture did not work as sky

Fix: aspect of "Rendering..." and similar texts in enhanced render mode

Fix: possible infinite numbers in contour colours

Synchronize water time with animation time

1.6 General

Fix: packnshare broken in 1.9.15

Updated languages

Workaround Radeon RX 580 crash after File/New or File/Open

Lic system messages

When disconnected, report "Internet is not available."

When connected, report as usual plus "Server is down for maintenance, please try again soon."

Packnshare hides 7z window

File/Gather gathers also lightmaps (into _precalculated subfolder)

Packnshare reports what it is doing

Packnshare warns about very long names and filenames (risk of unpacking failure)

Packnshare shows 7z window (temporary measure, to find out why packing is slow)

VERSION 1.9.10 PUBLISHED on 9 of May 2016

1.1 Exporting

+export to Collada *.dae

+improved compatibility of exported dae

+collada exports uv channel numbers.

+ reduced number of export crashes while exporting to Collada (*.dae)

+RENDERLights can export unicode textures to Collada (*.dae)

+export happens in isolated process (less likely to crash)

+support for export isolation

+lightmaps can be imported (tested from ambient slot in collada)

+export to dae uses png lightmaps

1.2 Oculus

+ Update to Oculus SDK for Windows V0.8.0.0-beta

+more accurate automatic near in oculus mode

+oculus mode: mouse up/down moves camera up/down (elevator)

+oculus mode: mouse is centered on screen

+leaving oculus mode restores SSGI, sRGB, Max FPS

+copy of oculus image in main window is bigger

+oculus mode disables sRGB, SSGI, enables Max FPS

+fix: crash if oculus service is stopped

+chromatic aberration disabled on entering oculus mode

+automatic tonemapping disabled in oculus mode

+fix: black screen when oculus unavailable

1.3 Viewport

+updated skyboxes

+zoom to light

+marquee does not select disabled objects

+in ortho camera, zoom on selection

+zoom to selection is activated by f3/t/b/l/r

+warn before deleting

+increased ortho near/far after zoom to selection

+Model/Translation step is 2x smaller for smooth editing

+icon size depends also on dynamic objects

+F11 sets focus to viewport

+majority of keyboard controls (e.g. wsad) work also when focus is in material library tree

+F1..F12 work always, without regard to what panel has focus

+default height in gravity mode is 1.4m

+ESC deselects

1.4 Cave Support

+Cave mode with 2 cameras added

+renamed Panorama modes

+renamed Screen center -> Offset


+cave works also in quad buffer stereo

+cave defaults tweaked

+cave settings saved to project

+cave disables camera/offset

1.5 Importing

+updated importing system

+update skp reader library

+import support of skp 2016

+RENDERLights support for native 64bit skp reader

+support 3dwarehouse "collada" files (zip with model.dae inside)

+Obsolete formats removed from file format list

+import multiple files at once

+additional import options (merged, by materials, dynamic)

+faster FBX import

+auto-hide checkboxes in Import dialog

+on first import, add Sun, technique=Fireball, adjust camera, adjust icon size

1.6 Materials

+enhanced Material library

-old library moved to folder "RL materials"

-old project materials moved to folder "In project"

-new folder "Unused" with flat structure, stored in .rlproj

-new folder "My materials" with automatic subfolders, stored in Documents/RENDERLights/matlib.rrmaterial

-new context menu for thumbnails (left click first to select, right click for context menu)



-Save to My materials

+context menu moved from material properties to thumbnails

+selecting thumbnail shows its material properties (only for used materials)

+right clicking thumbnail selects it (so context menu works as expected)

+fix: ocean texture was not loaded after "add / ocean"

+fix removed text above material thumbnail

+fix: "mapping" did not work for static objects

+enable uv gizmo also for static objects

1.7 Rendering and animation

+fix: FOV in enhanced animation capture

+fix: baking with bump maps

+fix: non-enhanced animation capture

+reduced cubemap thresholds (improved reflections)

+unwrap is generated into uv channel 2 (or higher, if 2 is not free)

+cubemap thresholds fixed at 0.000001 and removed from panel

+tonemapping "Max" changes when night/dusk is set

+tonemapping Max is remembered when entering Night environment and restored when leaving

+video capture supports all enhanced screenshot settings

+baking uses bump maps

+duplicate animation

+keyframe start times in explorer

+all objects with no mapping get box one

+chromatic aberration

+fix: realtime light leaking around corners

+fix: cutting planes

+fix: video did not play while capturing

+contours coloring ( any color can be used)

+fix: video playback under low fps

+"render material diffuse" saved to rlproj

+"render material diffuse color" added to undo, animation system

+when capture of single frame fails, whole capture is aborted ("Try lower resolution" was reported many times)

+context menu/"Apply change to all frames"

+mapping is enabled also for static objects

+fix fps is not animated

+fix: seeking in video

+Image overlay / blending modes (Equation, Background multiplier, Overlay multiplier)

+render logo on top of image overlay

+image overlay can be animated (texture changed)

+fix: possible freeze when closing video (in "Cleaning up...")

+fix: ffmpeg looping

+pathtracer no longer tests for "background" in material name, has checkbox instead

+shadowmaps can use non-automatic near/far

+fix: animation capture was saving to wrong folder

+fix: extra click was necessary after F10

+animation capture in fullscreen does not ask for destination folder

+blend modes: Normal, Multiply, Add, Subtract, Darken, Lighten

+Material / Transmittance / [ ] background

+Light / Shadow / [x] Automatic near/far

+F10 does not ask for animation capture path

+when animation capture path is empty, project folder is used

+when animation capture path is empty and no project was opened/saved, message is displayed

+when animation capture path is invalid, message is displayed

+animation lock view, dolly saved to .rlproj

+manually configured light near/far can be negative

+chromatic aberration is diagonal shift

+added Preferences / Stereo mode / Supersampling (for Oculus only)

+fix: it was not possible to change Sun near/far

+fix: selecting with orthogonal camera

+when in Enhanced render mode, RL viewport shows how screenshot will look like. unused space is left black

  +menu is separated, stays larger

  +removed Preferences / Enhanced render / Show border

1.8 General

+fix: packnshare  (Used to crash on creation)

+packnshare prints list of missing files

+packnshare doesn't fail when two paths point to the same file (e.g. a.jpg, a/../a.jpg)

+"Exporting..." in viewport

+layout colors (panel titles, menu highlight, background)

+updated languages

+when project opens and user aborts fireball build, technique switches to const.ambient

+"Open project" and "Merge project" don't modify data (flip faces etc)

+"Face sides" changed name to "Backface cull"

+fixed: colored shadow errors introduced in 1.8.5

+fixed: reflections did not update with video sky

+fixed: missing dll problem

+fixed: video removed from sky did continue to play

+fixed: little planet mode was flipped (upside down)

+Updated defaults for wrap, smoothing amount, chromatic aberration, SSGI intensity

+fix: environment blending with sRGB enabled

+updated languages

+better locate files referenced by .rlproj (fixes missing files after moving project to different folder)

+gizmo moved from center of gravity to center of bounding box

+alt+ctrl+down = merge objects toguether

+alt+ctrl+up= Split objects by material